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New York City is home to many things; great food, diverse people, and amazing cultures. However, the one thing NYC lacks are great plants, both indoor and out. Plants offer a boost to our mental wellbeing, our creativity, and even the very air we breathe. We wanted to take plants beyond a plain terracotta pot and elevate it to be incorporated as a beautiful home decor piece.

NY City Succulents Inc started as a hobby for the father/son Founders Max and Julio, who began creating succulent arrangements and selling them on the sidewalk outside of their apartment in Ridgewood, NY. Their art is focused on emphasizing the natural beauty of the plants, while holding its health and long term growth equally as important. What started in the streets of NYC quickly moved on to online selling platforms, where people as far away as Hawaii began ordering arrangements.

Every unique piece comes with a care card, which provides upfront information regarding how to best look after the plant. We also provide a wealth of online information and take the time to answer emails personally as to any specific care questions. We aim to make plant care as simple as possible in order to boost the confidence in this growing plant community.



We promise to create beautiful plant decor to liven up any home, office, or desk space. We aim to leave your space (and wallet) looking full and luscious. We offer many plants, cacti, and succulents at varying sizes and in various styles. Whether you want a pop of color, minimalist design, or a cute animal planter, we have it for you. If there is something you have in mind, do not hesitate to contact us and we will create a custom piece for you.

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