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  • How are the plants shipped ?
    The safety and health of the piece is first and foremost. We use our own method that utilizes plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and ecologically friendly packing peanuts to ensure that the piece arrives intact and healthy. We have developed this method and have shipped orders nationwide, as far away as Hawaii. All pieces are sold as is, and shipped accordingly. We include 2 FRAGILE: THIS WAY UP stickers as well as a LIVE PLANTS sticker on the packaging so that the carrier will know how the package should be handled.
  • What if I want just the plant or pot ?
    If available, we sell plants in their nursery pot and pots without plants. These will ship in a similar method as the completed pieces will ensure all items arrive safely.
  • Do the pots come with a drainage hole ?
    All pots are sold as photographed and contain drainage holes. This feature is crucial for the health of the plant, especially cacti and succulents.
  • How long does it take to ship an order out ?
    All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days, unless otherwise specified. We ship all pieces with a minimum of Priority Shipping with USPS. Priority Shipping is 1-4 business days for delivery. We try to ship orders out as quickly as possible so they spend as least time contained in the packaging.
  • My order arrived damaged, what do I do?"
    We try our hardest to ensure that each piece arrives in immaculate condition. Unfortunately, despite all the stickers and we put labeling the package as fragile, carriers may still mistreat the package. In the event that the plant or pot is damaged, please email us with a photo and a brief description with how the package arrived within 3 days of receiving the piece. We could offer a refund or reshipment, based upon what is requested.
  • Can I return my order ?
    Unfortunately, due to the delicate process of packing and shipping an order, we do not accept returns. If a piece arrived damaged, please view “My order arrived damaged, what do I do?”
  • What payments do you accept ?
    We accept all major credit cards.
  • Do you offer in store pickup ?
    Yes, we just require your order confirmation number/email and will ask for a signature upon pickup.
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