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Roses and Chocolates... Again?

3 Lucky Bamboo hearts in a test tube arrangement
Heart Bamboo Arrangement

Valentine's Day is coming up and that means a lot of two things; half dead, over-priced roses and chocolates. While we don't have a problem with sweets, it is definitely time to stop giving the same old roses. Here are some plants that would make great gifts and will last longer than the honeymoon phase.

Hoya Kerii (hoya heart)

Outside Variegated Hoya Heart in a ceramic pot.
Outside Variegated Hoya Heart

Need we say more? Hoya hearts are quite self-explanatory when trying to show your appreciation for someone. Hoya hearts prefer bright, indirect light and watering about once a week (5-7 days). There are different types, including hearts with inside or outside variegation! Hoyas are pet safe, so no need to worry if they have a furry friend at home. It should be noted that some hearts are sold as just single hearts. Typically, these are just rooting leaf cuttings, and will not grow a vine. Essentially, the heart will remain a single leaf and will not produce other hearts. If you are looking for a plant that will continue to grow more leaves, make sure there is a noticeable stem sprouting out of the soil.

"Lucky Bamboo" Hearts (dracaena sanderiana)

Two Lucky Bamboo Heart Arrangements
Two Lucky Bamboo Heart Arrangements

Lucky bamboo hearts are another obvious choice. Prefering bright, indirect light and typically grown in just water, the care cannot be more simple. The best feature of these plants are that they are very easy to customize. Since they are grown in water, you can find use for that collection of pots without drainge that have been piling up in your closet (no judgement).

Pairing them with rocks is also a great way to add a personal touch to the arrangement. Rocks are usually necessary since they add a much needed stability to the bamboo to keep it upright. A glass vase pairs nicely as well. Rather than filling them up with flowers that will die in a week, fill it with some bamboo hearts that can last several years!

Anything that Comes from the Heart

Cryptanthus | Aglaonema Pink Red | Pothos Marble Queen |
Assorted Houseplants in Our Shop

In our opinion, gifting any plant that someone will appreciate is the best plant to give. Whether it be for a friend, co-worker, significant other or family member, giving someone the gift of plant life will let them know you care about them. There are countless sizing, pricing, and color options available to fit any space and budget.

If you are located in NYC, come check out our vast in-store options and we can help you select the perfect gift! If not, you can always send us a live chat if you have any specific questions regarding one of our online options. Please follow us @nycitysucculents to stay up to date on our latest posts.

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